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Purecog Speaks At The InnovYouth Conference!

Dubai, United Arab Emirates , 12.11.19

TJ Hamed represents Purecog and demonstrates our Hydroplast Technology at the latest InnovaYouth event in Dubai...

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So Influential: Pure CE Article

New York, USA, 06.11.19

Resource Scarcity is Shaping Climate Change — Why PE Firms Are The Solution

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Hotelier Magazine Supplier Q&A: Purecog

Dubai, United Arab Emirates , 07.10.19

We catch up with Managing Director Paul Gandy who explains that not all single-use plastic alternatives are what they seem and talks to us about how the company's solution can help hotels become more sustainable.

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Dr. Martin Blake Takes A Re-Look At Plastic Waste

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 26.09.19

For many years now, human economic systems have subscribed to the liner model of economic development whereas natural systems, which are closed loop, are balanced and remain in stasis. This model entails continuous use of new materials extracted from nature instead of recycling and reusing materials from the waste generated. Therefore, it is unsurprising that total waste produced worldwide amounts to approximately 2 billion metric tonnes which is predicted to increase to 3.40 billion metric tons by 2050. Apart from the small amount of it that is recycled, the bulk of these unwanted and discarded material leak into the natural environment or are left untreated.

To become a sustainable society, the current model of production and utilisation has to be replaced with a positive development model. This model is aimed at reducing the environmental degradation and social exclusion that is often present in the linear economy... 

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Embodhi: Advancing Women Empowerment through Employment

Vietnam, 25.09.19

Embodhi continues to work to advance women’s empowerment in Asia, recognizing that when women and girls thrive, families and communities flourish.

By forging strategic partnerships with government institutions, other non-profits, and the private sector, the aim of the organisation is to pioneer results-based projects to strengthen women’s and girls’ economic opportunities, political voice and participation, and rights and security, while pursuing an integrated approach that promotes gender equality across all sectors...

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Thrive Global Interview Pure CE Marketing Director, Theo Measures

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates , 09.09.19

Every business has an impact on society by the way they deliver their products and services. Thrive Global's Andrea Wolf talks to Pure CE Marketing Director to find out how they do it...
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Embodhi in Vietnam: The Reality Women Face

Vietnam, 05.09.19

"Pure CE/Purecog was the institution with whose help we were able to get this project off the ground. With their support, we have been able to reach out to a significant number of women who are now fairly compensated for their work and can run a house and provide for themselves and their children..."

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Plastic For Days: Can We Solve This Crisis?

Dubai, United Arab Emirates , 04.09.19

Purecog's Sustainabiliy Advisor, Dr. Martin Blake, discusses the consumption of resources and generation of waste being at an unprecedented level, the growing population, increasing global wealth and rapid rate of urbanization, making it imperative that we as a society move towards a model of development that is sustainable...

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Why I Chose To Run

London, United Kingdom , 25.08.19

Sponsored by Purecog, Q4 Capital's Emile Delam will be taking part in the Blue Ocean Foundation's 1000 mile run on 1st September, to raise awareness of the UN's 14th Sustainable Development Goal. Here's why she decided to run...

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UAE Firms Aim To Aid Kingdom In Fight Against Rising Plastic Waste Problem...

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 28.08.19

As the United Arab Emirates grapples with growing plastic pollution from its rapidly-rising population, two local companies say they can help tackle the crisis...

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Hotelier Magazine: Purecog's Plastic Solution

Dubai, United Arab Emirate, 13.08.19

Can single-use plastic finally be consigned to the landfill of history?
Dubai-based firm Purecog believes it has the solution the world has been waiting for...

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Embodhi Foundation: Where It All Began...

Dubai, United Arab Emirates , 07.08.19

We Make a Difference; connecting women into jobs and industry, with a focus on education, social & financial inclusion & vocational training linked to environmental protection. Learn how Embodhi came to be!

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Plastic Waste – Where are we today?

Dubai, United Arab Emirates , 09.08.19

What is the scale of the problem and is turning plastic back into oil a viable solution? 

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Director's Letter, August 2019

Dubai, United Arab Emirates , 04.08.19

Purecog's Marketing Director, Theo Measures, discusses the growing weight of public opinion. 

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Industry experts meet for sustainability panel at Pierchic in Dubai

Dubai, UAE, 01.08.19

One of the F&B industry’s key buzzwords, sustainability, was the topic of choice at a summit held at Dubai’s Pierchic restaurant.

Representatives from F&B operators, management companies, and suppliers explored the topic through a panel discussion with the likes of Pierchic general manager Luca Gagliardi, The First Group’s Duncan Fraser-Smith, eco campaigner Milli Midwood, and sustainability advocate and artist Mariska Neil.

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UAE Company, Purecog, Set to Disrupt Single-use Plastic Usage in Three Key Industries

Dubai, UAE, 01.08.19

Purecog, a Dubai based company focussed on minimising waste and maximising resource efficiency, has launched an initiative to assess and reduce the harmful and costly plastic footprint of organisations within the Tourism, Hospitality and Healthcare sectors, in the Middle East.

Championing the transition to a Circular Economy, Purecog advocates a cost-effective and regenerative approach to resource management; in contrast to the traditional linear model, which has a 'take, make, dispose' attitude to production and use.

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