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The first truly commercially viable alternative to single-use plastic, Hydroplast products are made using the unique and patented “smart water soluble” polymer. If the product ends up in landfill or in the ocean, it is water soluble, biodegradable, compostable, and non-toxic, causing no damage to marine life or the environment. Stronger and lighter than regular thin-film plastic, Hydroplast can be manufactured to a client’s specific requirements and therefore has a wide and clever variety of applications across the following industries:


  • Garment Industry
  • F&B Industry
  • Healthcare Industry
  • Retail Packaging
  • Waste Management
  • Food Packaging
  • Hospitality Industry
  • Farming & Agri-business

Plastic Footprinting: A Sustainability Audit

Purecog has developed a financial and risk management approach to auditing. This initiative brings together key sustainability thought leaders, who have 50+ years’ combined experience advising some of the World’s biggest companies on profitable sustainability strategy.

This wealth of experience has allowed us to engineer a sustainability review platform, which represents a unique way to objectively evaluate, assess and showcase an organisation’s plastic usage, providing a standard scale of reference to benchmark sustainability performance and cost. These experts will use their international experience to help organisations rethink and assess their current business model, reduce risk and improve financial performance.

Plastic to Oil

Our Thermo Catalytic Depolymerisation (TCD) process turns waste plastic back into a selectively controlled variety of oils. Along with these oils, the conversion also generates uncondensed gases which are used for process heating, allowing our technology to run in a self-sustaining and therefore highly energy efficient manner.

A number of high demand fuels are derived from recycling plastic that would otherwise be landfill of ocean-bound. These fuels can be sold into industries such a construction, to power equipment & machinery.

Plasma Tech

Proven by the US Department of Defense (DoD), our game changing plasma technology provides an all-encompassing solution to waste management, while producing much-needed clean energy to meet our growing needs. The technology boasts a flexibility and versatility which gives it the ability to process virtually any form of waste (including toxic and contaminated), and generate clean energy as well as marketable construction materials, completely eliminating the need for landfill.

Metal Recovery Tech

Purecog has developed a unique technology which allows for a ‘trash-to-treasure’ handling of electronic waste. This straight forward, cost-effective solution reduces carbon footprint and can process and type or grade of scrap board with the end goals of recovering as high a quality and quantity of precious metals as is possible.